AWS Community Day, Pune 2020

AWS Community Day, Pune 2020

My volunteering experience of AWS Community Day organized by AWS User Group Pune on February 8, 2020 comday.jpeg

What are AWS Community Days?

AWS Community Days are community-led educational events featuring technical discussions and demos led by expert AWS users and industry leaders from around the world.

Why I went for AWS Community Day?

This was my first conference of the year in which I got a chance to attend as a volunteer, a big thanks to Jayesh(Organizer, AWS UG Pune). I always feel fascinated about these tech conferences/events, the reason being the energy, curiosity, and eagerness of people to interact with others. People participate, interact, and share their thoughts and knowledge on the technology they work on, isn’t it amazing?

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.” -Keith Ferrazzi

Structure for the community day

AWS User Group Pune decided to schedule the community day for two days. On day one(7th Feb), there were three amazing workshops planned which were facilitated by domain experts, at MCCIA Trade Tower, Pune! Day two(8th Feb) was the conference day at Hyatt Regency, Pune.

Session wise breakdown Keynote by AWS

Matt Fitzgerald, Head of AWS Developer Advocacy APJC

mat.jpeg Matt’s keynote was simply AWSome. He covered an insightful demoscene where 15-year-olds formed communities a decade ago to create game graphics and music breaking the hardware barrier!

Sponsor Talk by Twilio

Jayesh Ahire, Twilio Champion, leader - AWS UG Pune


Jayesh gave an interesting demo in 5 minutes on the Twilio platform. The demo was short but insightful. Here you can check his medium profile for amazing articles based on his research work!

Sponsor Talk by Cuelogic

Sunu Sasidharan, Head of Technology at Cuelogic Technologies

The topic of the session was ‘Unleashing the promise of cloud-native to manage complexity and reduce operational cost’.

Sponsor Talk by Checkpoint and ivalue

Ashish Tondon, Cloud Security Lead-India, Checkpoint

The topic of this session was ‘Securing your cloud with Confidence’

Before moving forward with the three separate tracks, we had a small coffee break in which all participants also went to visit various sponsor booths. After the coffee break, there was a separation of tracks in three different sections. So participants attended the different sessions according to their interests!

Highlights of the different tracks

1. Chaos Engineering Adrian Hornsby, Principal Evangelist(Architecture)- AWS

adrian.jpeg 2. Smart Cities powered by Graphs

Aileen Gemma Smith, CEO at Vizalytics, AWS Community/Data Hero

ailen.jpeg 3. How do we manage a distributed system cloud service with 20k clusters?

Aravind Putrevu, SR. Developer Advocate — Elastic

arv.jpeg 4. Design for Failure: High Availability and Disaster Recovery using AWS

Karan Desai, Solution Architect, AWS


There were a total of 36 stellar speakers at the community day. You can find the topics of their talks and agenda for the full day HERE.


Our Team!


Closing Events

After the most productive day till now in my life, Rohini Gaonkar - AWS Sr Solutions Architect at AISPL, presented the closing keynote for the day with lots of motivation to work better!

We had several lucky draws on sponsor booths as well as a prize distribution ceremony at the end!

I hope after reading this article you will surely attend the AWS Community Day next year, as ACD has various takeaways at the end of the day!

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